Founders Investment Banking

Buy-Side Advisory

Buy-Side Advisory

Buying companies that fit your acquisition strategy and have a high probability of generating acceptable rates of return requires a disciplined process.  Whether it’s a company wanting to develop and execute a targeted acquisition strategy, a management team or partner wanting to buy out other owners, or anything in between, our buy-side process works to identify, pursue and close deals with targets that achieve our clients overall objectives.  We’re in the business of uncovering good deals and can put our proprietary deal flow to work for you and your business. Our buy-side process includes the following key elements:

  • Developing an Acquisition Strategy
  • Identifying, Qualifying & Ranking Potential Targets
  • Engaging In Dialogue & Information Exchange with Targets
  • Negotiating Value & Deal Structure
  • Accessing Capital for Funding a Transaction
  • Managing Due Diligence & Close

Through our buy-side advisory services, clients achieve a professionally managed acquisition process that includes determining what to buy and how much to pay, as well as how to structure the deal and access the capital needed to fund the transaction.

To learn more about our experience and access stories from our past clients click here.

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